Optores presents world-record 3 MHz swept laser at SPIE BiOS / Photonics West in San Francisco

FDML swept laser

Ideally suited for optical coherence tomography, Optores‘ FDML laser with 3 MHz sweep rate is more than 10x faster than competition

Munich / Germany, 24 January 2019

Optores GmbH announces the latest upgrade to its NG-FDML series of wavelength-swept lasers. The SPIE Photonics West conference marks the launch of the new 3 MHz imaging speed option: Double as fast as previously, and more than 10x faster than any other commercially available swept laser. The new device is ideal for optical coherence tomography (OCT) in medicine, biology and industrial inspection.

“Multi-MHz sweep rates are necessary for high-resolution 4D-OCT, which shows three-dimensional tissue structure live and in real time. Coupled with virtual or augmented reality, we believe this product will be a game changer for surgical guidance and hand-held OCT endoscopes,” says Thomas Klein, co-founder and managing director of Optores.

The new lasers are available at three popular wavelengths for OCT: 1060 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm. They offer very high output power and centimeters of coherence length for high-quality OCT images.

According to Prof. Robert Huber, Optores co-founder and professor at the Universität zu Lübeck, Optores’ core technology Fourier-domain mode-locking (FDML) plays a crucial role: “Optores new 3 MHz swept laser highlights once again that FDML is the technology of choice for MHz-OCT”.

Optores will showcase its latest products in booth 8860 at SPIE BiOS, and booth 860 at SPIE Photonic West, San Francisco.

About Optores

Optores GmbH is a pioneer in ultrafast swept lasers and optical coherence tomography. With sweep rates of several million OCT A-scans per second, Optores’ founders coined the term “MHz-OCT”. These ultrahigh speeds are ideal for novel OCT applications, such as real-time surgical guidance with 4D-OCT, large-area surveys, visualization of blood flow, and high-throughput industrial inspection.

Optores GmbH is a privately held company based in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 2013 based on Prof. Robert Huber’s groundbreaking work on Fourier-domain mode-locked lasers and ultrafast OCT, for which he was awarded the European inventor award 2018, together with OCT inventor Prof. James Fujimoto from MIT and Eric Swanson. Optores’ core technology is protected by several patents.

Further information and contact

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Optores GmbH

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