OMES 4D MHz-OCT System

OCT scan head

The Optores Megahertz system (OMES) is a complete OCT imaging solution that combines Optores' groundbreaking FDML laser and GPU processing technology to a turnkey research OCT system. With speeds beyond of 1.5 MHz, OMES provides continuous "4D" video-rate OCT to visualize three-dimensional sample structure in real time.

Each OCT system comes with a customizable 3D-scanning sample arm head. A microscope-like stand provides axial travel for easy focusing. OMES are turnkey systems that are fully functional right out of the box while providing true research-grade access to raw data when needed

Synchronization electronics

Optores Synchronization Box Preview

Optores offers a range of custom synchronization and pulse generator elements. Synchronization of wavelength-swept lasers, data acquisition and other components can be challenging. Read more....

GPU OCT Processing

Optores proudly introduces OGOP – the Optores GPU OCT Processing library, an ultra-fast and highly reliable processing library for optical coherence tomography (OCT) data. Based on graphic-processing unit (GPU) optimized code, OGOP enables real-time processing with sustained throughput of several gigabytes per second. Read more...

Next generation FDML Laser

MHz FDML laser

Optores introduces the worlds first swept laser source with a sweep rate of up to 3 MHz for research applications. Available at 1060 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm center wavelengths, the Optores swept source is based on all-fiber Fourier-domain mode-locked (FDML) laser technology. Designed for record speed, the Optores swept laser also features long coherence lengths and very high output powers beyond 100 mW. Read more...

OCT Consulting

Optores can help you to build state-of the art OCT systems. With years of experience in OCT research and a proven track record including dozens of peer-reviewed publications, Optores is your perfect partner for the most challenging OCT projects. Read more...