GPU OCT Processing

Optores proudly introduces OGOP – the Optores GPU OCT Processing library, an ultra-fast and highly reliable processing library for optical coherence tomography (OCT) data. Based on graphic-processing unit (GPU) optimized code, OGOP enables real-time processing with sustained throughput of several gigabytes per second. The library can be licensed in editions with increasing feature sets and processing capabilities.

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Unique features

Blazing speed
Massive parallel GPU powered OCT processing; typical throughput is over 3.5 GiB/s of sampling data on a NVidia GTX 680 GPU
Multi-GPU support for multi-GVoxel/s applications
Support for OpenCL and CUDA means independence from any special hardware architecture
Cross platform C API with strong type safety and detailed error reporting. Robust object access. C++ class bindings available
Asynchronous exec.
Raw data frames are queued and processed asynchronously
Full OCT processing

The library implements the full Fourier-Domain processing chain, from raw data to OCT image:

  • Background subtraction
  • Apodization: several windowing functions available, support for custom window functions through look-up-tables
  • iFFT: real to real, real to complex
  • Dynamic range compression
  • K-space linearization: several interpolators available for selectable tradeoff between processing throughput and quality: Nearest, Linear, Hermite, Lanczos
Open GL integration
Fully integrated with OpenGL for easy implementation of real-time display. Versatile support for the full range of OpenGL image formats
Flexible in / output
Support for all common data types: Unsigned and signed integer Single precision floating point Single precision complex floating point

OGOP in Action