4D-OCT Featured in OSA's OPN


4D real-time OCT is featured in the Optical Society of America's monthly magazine, Optics and Photonics News. The article, written by Optores' co-founder Robert Huber, highlights the novel OCT applications that can be achieved with MHz-speed OCT systems.

One of the most successful techniques to achieve such high speeds is Fourier-domain mode-locking (FDML), Optores' signature technology. For the first time commercially available with FDML-1310, this laser operation regime enables laser sweep rates of more than one MHz for the first time. Together with GPU based high-performance data processing, also available from Optores, OCT systems that continuously display more than 20 entire 3D volumes per second can be built. Hence the term 4D OCT, since the 3D structural information is augmented by the fourth dimension of time. 4D-OCT may lead to a whole range of new and improved OCT applications, such as for surgical guidance or industrial inspection.